Fallow Buck Trophy 

​​Fallow Bucks at Southern Peaks Safaris are in a category of their own. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional trophy heads with a wide spread and mammoth palms. Although smaller than red stags in body mass they are still a sight to behold when seen bounding through native land without making a sound.

We have a variety of coat colours which make exceptional rugs or cushions, from a light red/brown with white spots to a pale cream colour with white spots.

During their rutting season they can become aggresive so best to keep your wits about you! Our guides will ensure you get the hunt of a lifetime through native bush, gullies and streams our hunters are garunteed a true New Zealand hunting experience.

Southern Peaks Safaris ensures that our Fallow bucks are of premier quality and that we can cater for any hunter after their once in a lifetime trophy.