Bull Tahr Trophy

The glorious himalayan bull tahr is the supreme alpine king. These beautiful caped animals can be found high in the south islands snow capped mountains. This hunt is extrodinary, with picturesque views and a rugged environment this hunt is uncomparable to any other. 
The Himilayan tahr were a gift from the duke of england and released into the New Zealand wilderness in the early 1900's providing locals with the oppourtunity to hunt a new challenging species. Tahr are now only able to be recreationally hunted in New Zealand therefore making it a amazing oppourtunity for our hunters to be apart of something very special.

With our experienced guides they make the hunt a memorable one, for those hunters after a physical challenge, hiking and climbing your way to the top is the best way to take in this experience.

However we do offer the oppourtunity to fly in a heliccopter right into the heart of Tahr country. We ensure that our hunters get the ultimate hunting experience and achieve their dreams of the supreme mountain trophy.